Logo Design

A logo is the single most important element of an image for your business or organization.

The first step in establishing identity is a logo that embodies the essence of what your product or services are all about.  The use of your logo in everything you do portrays stability, reliability, and familiarity for your company or organization. It’s a small investment with cumulative results over time!

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Christian Endeavor – HI
Design Goal – Symbolize the movement of Christ within the islands.


Hawaiian Ocean Outfitters – HI
Design Goal – To reflect the catch & release emphasis of this forming business entity offering guided fishing tours. Client liked the look of another logo done for a real estate company.


Hawaii Conference United Church of Christ- HI
Design Goal – Create a logo for the state organization that would include the denominational logo. The logo should reflect Hawaii and the purpose of the conference to link the Hawaii UCC churches together while recognizing their tie to the original Hawaiian evangelical churches.


Healthy Carpet – HI
Design Goal – Reflect the environmentally-safe products and practices for this carpet cleaning company.


I2C Realty, Ltd – HI
Design Goal – Incorporate the acronymn for the company’s title that stood for its specialties in investment, industrial, and commercial properties – name “I2C” was to reflect the style of Table of Elements symbols.


Safari Beach Club – NY
Design Goal – Client sought a whimsical, tropical theme to reflect their sports bar image.