About Us

Simply put, we (for the most part “we” being me) are a full-service agency with over twenty years combined experience in advertising (broadcast/print), printing, publishing, sales and marketing, and management (Yes, I’ve been on both the client and agency side of the corporate advertising process!).

Clients have included real estate developers, retail entities, services, and individual publicity campaigns.  Working primarily as a single-person office and utilizing freelance professionals to fill in the gaps, I’m ready to offer you a full range of agency services while keeping your costs to a minimum!

Depending on your needs and preferences, services are offered on a project or retainer basis.  Either way, you’ll receive the services you need… in the manner that best suits your particular circumstances.

Whatever the case may be, give me a call.  Let’s chat about it!

Warmest aloha,

Richard Young
Tel: 808-261-1888
e-mail: Richard@rskyoung.com